November 3, 2009

One More Chance?

So I hear from my dear friend Bethany that November is National Blog Posting Month (fondly referred to from this point forward as NaBloPoMo). Upon reading about her commitment to post every day for just one month, I was immediately convicted about my own pathetic lack of posting and basic abandonment of my own sad little blog.

30 days... Surely I can do this? I have a backlog of pictures and subjects I have been meaning to blog about, so this is my golden opportunity to get caught up! Starting now:

Every day on my walk to work, I pass the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue (you know, the one actually on 5th Avenue?). The window displays are always gorgeous, but recently they had a Chanel display that I loved so much I actually suppressed my fear of looking touristy for a few minutes and took some pictures:

They had set it up to look like a fabulous black and pink vintage train and some of the cars were cut away so that you could see into them. Several car windows (like the one above) were playing scenes from the movie "Coco Before Chanel" which at the time hadn't yet been released.

I still haven't seen this seemingly delicious movie, but it is definitely near the top of my list! (Ah, the list... perhaps that will make a good post for another day this month?).

For all its reputation of being such a hard city, sometimes New York just has a way of sending you little love letters that melt your heart and this was definitely one of those times... le sigh.


  1. Yaaay NaBloPoMo!I'm excited for 30 days of your cupcakey cuteness!

  2. Remember when we took pictures last christmas of the tree dress for Zac together, and willingly looked touristy? That was seriously one of my favorite days/nights i've had in NY, and it was with you! Love/miss you!